Yesterday, Intel revealed would dump the logo they have had since 1968. This in addition to changing their corporate slogan from “intel inside” to “leap ahead”.


My perception of them is automatically changing.

Let’s just hope they don’t mess with their audio logo. It’s the most valuable corporate asset they have.

UPDATE:: The above is a quick sarcastic rant (what I do best). For a really good treshing out of this idea, check out this post from AdRants.


1 thought on “Intel REBRANDS

  1. Rob Mattheu

    They may have had the logo since 1968, but who among us had ever heard of them until we bought our first (or fifth) PC? I’d say that it’s a successful logo that needs no changing. As for “Intel Inside”, it’s a great slogan, since it implies you’re getting the best. I guess we can be happy they didn’t change their slogan to “Microchip Solutions for the Future.”

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