What’s Wrong with this Billboard?

Bad BillboardsI pass this billboard everyday…and it irritates me a little more each day.

Since it’s not a great photo (taking pics in moving traffic is always a challenge), the billboard consists of a stock photo of a generic white bread family next to the words :: “Real People…Real Purpose…Real Passion”

Perhaps it should read::
Fake Stock Photos
Fake People
Fake Message

Did no one involved in this project ever think it was a bad idea to use a fake photo of people next to the words “real people”?

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1 thought on “What’s Wrong with this Billboard?

  1. Darrin

    I don’t know if most people will even think about it being stock photography. But I do wonder why they think “Real” is a selling point for a church. I’ve experienced some bad churches, but I’ve never left saying, “Gee, I wish I could find a church with Real People in it.” Not once. I guess if I lived in Mannequin City…or LA with the plastic people…

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