Your Marketing’s Not As Cool As You Think It Is

Ahh…the marketing lessons that one can learn by watching The Apprentice…

Last night, 4 of the little kiss-ups got fired because they created a sales promotion that made sales go DOWN 34%. The reason? They fell in love with their plan and not the results. They marketed to entertain themselves and forgot the focus was to win customers.

Businesses do this all the time. A business owner thinks “Oooh, this would be a funny/cute/etc ad”. And maybe it was a good marketing idea in the beginning. But during execution, it disintegrates into making the funny/cute part work INSTEAD of making the marketing work.

You see ads/direct mail/etc like this all the time. There are currently 2 car dealerships doing it here in the Southern Kentucky market. One has some of the car salesmen pretending to be Italian mobsters (thank goodness, there’s not a large Italian population here to offend). The other has the dull-witted salesmanager talking about why his huge head won’t fit on the TV screen. As you can imagine, both these spots make me want to run down and take a test drive.

And while it does happen more with local small business campaigns, it happens with large corporate marketing as well. But instead of the owner coming up with the idea, an agency pitches it so they can win an Addy.

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