Sherman’s Branding to the Sea

Apparently, I have not captured the attention of civic leaders with my rants, ridicule, and general hatred of the fallacy of “re-branding” a city/ state /or any product

Another city has jumped on the branding bandwagon…Atlanta.

The slogan behind their new logo is the 3 “O’s”…Opportunity – Optimism – Openness

I have a few other suggestions for slogans…
–Atlanta – You’ve connected in the airport. Try staying longer
–Atlanta – Come to Peachtree Street. No, the other one. No, the other one…
–Atlanta – Come for the traffic. Stay for the congestion.
–Atlanta – Coke & CNN
And of course..

The My-Lanta Blog has some neat/funny variations of the logo that represents “all the best that Atlanta has to offer”. (Family friendly warning – some are slightly vulgar)

Link::“Official” Atlanta Brand site

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2 thoughts on “Sherman’s Branding to the Sea

  1. Jeremy Tritt

    Hi there,I come from a lil country called new zealand (its not part of australia) we’ve recently elected a new mayor in our city – he’s an ex-marketing agency head called Micheal Redman. he’s totally done away with slogans, and as our city is called Hamilton, he’s branded it hamiltON. this country has seen wayyyy to many cheesey city slogans, so this new approach is very refreshinghave a look Jeremy

  2. Tara Hunt

    I like:You’ve connected in the airport. Try staying longer.andCome for the traffic. Stay for the congestion.In Toronto, we had a saying in 2003:Come for the SARS. Stay for Westnile.

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