Hard to Dance with Fruit on Your Head

I was perusing the Sunday coupons and saw that Chiquita has launched a brand extension called Fruit Bites….cut apples in bags that the kiddies can take to school.

1) Apples are pretty portable in the natural state…why is this product needed?
2) What happens to apples when you cut them?…How many preservatives will they throw to the natural apple to keep it from turning brown?
3) Why do companies brand extend themselves to death?
4) Why will consumers grab onto this?

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1 thought on “Hard to Dance with Fruit on Your Head

  1. carey

    Chris,I had nearly the exact reaction as you when seeing that new packaged apple slices on Sunday. I’m not sure if they think this is an attempt to salvage partial apples by providing “just the good part”, if a whole apple is just too much for most consumers, or what. Maybe this is an attempt to trade people from a can to “a bit fresher” option. Considering my son is just over a year old and 25 pounds, and he can eat an entire piece of fruit in one sitting, I have trouble with any portion argument. Like you, I found the offering comedic.

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