Blogs are not Mainstream

One caveat to my previous posts on open source marketing…..

To buzz along in the blogosphere, you have to wonder who DOESN’T get all this? Obviously, the inmates have taken over the prison. Bloggers and open source marketing are exerting control over corporations. All the information is there…why not just shut down all other marketing projects and other media exposures and go whole-hog online?

Because while blogs and bloggers are getting a lot of attention, they are not mainstream yet…not even close.

Don’t believe me?

In almost every story about the influence of blogs, you’ll see a sentence similar to this…”Blogs, short for Web logs, are easy-to-publish websites where…”

How often do you see a sentence like this?…”TV, short for television, is a medium where programming is broadcast for…”

Or one like this?…”Newspapers, which are a printed periodical…”

When the “blogs, short for Web logs” phrase is eliminated from news stories, we’ll have just started to climb the steep part of the adoption curve.

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