See Spot Monopolize…Target Dog!

The upcoming Aug22 edition of the New Yorker magazine will have only one ad….that ad repeated several times throughout the magazine. Target Department stores has bought all the ad placement for this edition of the New Yorker. See this NYT story about it. (Quick before you have to pay for it!)

Two separate lines of thought about this….
From the Target side…Wow. This is the type of opportunity that I look for as a marketer. A very good deal for around $1million to get the raw exposure and the buzz (I’m writing about it, right?)

Too many companies just plug money away month after month for boring ads that don’t stand out. It’s one of the reasons that traditional advertising is starting to lose its effectiveness and one of the reasons that you should start to narrowcast and market non-traditionally. However, its cases like this…where the very act of advertising stands out as being remarkable, advertising hits a home run by NOT being advertising, but becomes a method of non-traditional marketing.

From the New Yorker side…Will this hurt the credibility of the New Yorker? See this blog post from Fast Company’s Mark Vamos about the sellout of the media to the advertisers.

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