All Hat – No Cattle

What if your product were given unprecedented levels of publicity by one of the world’s most powerful celebrities? It was in the spotlight for days. Latenight TV talked about it. Morning radio and TV talked about it…it was fodder for real news stories for days.

Think you could translate that into sales?…massive sales?

Maybe…if you had a decent product.

Last year, Oprah Winfrey gave 276 audience members a new Pontiac G6. It was talked about so much everywhere that it made you sick. At this point, you’d think that everyone in America would have a G6 in the garage.

That’s not the case. Industry experts are saying that sales of the G6 are flat and below expectations. The G6 replaced the Pontiac Grand Am and sales of the G6 are about half of what the Grand Am were.

Why? Experts say the car is unremarkable. It’s attractive, reliable, and average. It’s boring. It’s vanilla.

Even with massive marketing and free publicity…it’s hard to sell vanilla.

Marketing MUST begin with the product…even if you’ve got Oprah’s help.

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