Brand Overextension

Coke has announced a new diet beverage called Coke Zero. This will be the 3rd (or more if you count Tab) diet drink that Coke has offered.

The announcement of “Coke Zero” will have zero effect except to negatively impact the brand. You can only expand so much before people start saying “What??”

Coke should have been thankful that C2 didn’t kill Diet Coke…Zero will hurt Diet Coke especially now that Pepsi has decided to reinvent the marketing for Diet Pepsi.

Another classic example of over extending your brand while I’m ranting is Pizza Hut. How many variations of cheese and tomato sauce on bread can R&D dream up?? The cheese is in the crust….then there’s four types of pepperoni…what’s next? The dollars to promote these fringe products draws away from the core.

Don’t over-extend your brand. Stengthen the core.

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