Rice Empowerment

After church yesterday, we headed to one of the more dependable restaurants in Bowling Green for lunch.

My brother-in-law loves rice as a side item. He asked the waitress if they had rice as a side.

Her response was ” We have rice for the stirfrys, but it’s not a side.”

So he was denied rice even though there was a big fluffy pot in the kitchen. He chose the sugar snap peas.

Sugar snap peas are much more expensive than a cup of rice. So the restaurant lost money on the deal. But let’s look over that.

Why was she not empowered to “break the rules” for customer happiness and satisfaction? You could tell she was a relatively new waitress so perhaps she’ll come around.

But, how many times does this happen in a day all over the country? Because something is not SOP, the customer is not satisfied when it would be a win-win if the rules were broken.

Empower your employees to make the customer happy. It’s the first step in marketing.

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2 thoughts on “Rice Empowerment

  1. Chris Houchens

    another resource: a few years after a I wrote this post — attended a meeting where someone showed a few moments of the “give em the pickle” customer service video series. Very similar

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