Greg Stielstra, Senior Marketing Director of Zondervan, who publishes the book The Purpose Driven Life, has coined a term for reaching down to target specific groups instead of mass marketing. It’s Pryomarketing …which is a little odd for a Christian book publisher, but whatever.

He’s quoted as saying that if he promoted a book about quilting “to one-tenth of one percent of left-handed quilters,” he could land the title on the non-fiction bestseller list and prime it for even bigger success.

And he’s right.

I just wish I had come up with the name.

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1 thought on “PYROMARKETING

  1. Greg Stielstra

    Chris,Thanks for your kind BLOG. I also appreciate your approach to marketing. It appears, from your website, that Shotgun Concepts thinks about business challenges from a PyroMarketing perspective. Keep it up.I believe the best way to understand marketing, the way its messages are sent, received, acted upon and spread, is to think of it as fire.Every fire needs fuel, oxygen, heat and the heat from the comustion reaction itself. Heat excites the fuel, breaking its molecular bonds at the ignition point freeing the fuel’s electrons to abandon the fuel and join with oxygen in the surrounding air. Ignition temperatures vary significantly from one fuel to the next. The reaction gives off additional heat which excites neighboring fuel and causes the fire to spread.In PyroMarketing consumers are the fuel and their ignition points also differ widely. There is money stored in their wallets, but there is a very strong bond between consumers and their money. Marketing pr

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